The Future Looks Delicious For Vegan Foods

Long-time vegans and vegetarians already think that much of the food they eat is delicious, but until recent years the mainstream has not agreed with them. Plant-based diets have long been derided as a fad that only Hollywood celebrities can afford to follow because they can hire people to find their foods as well as cook them. Far from being a fad, veganism in particular has increased in recent years partly because the food appeals to mainstream taste buds.

Easy to Find Vegan Foods

Once upon a time, vegans had to search for raw ingredients and then spend hours in the kitchen trying to make everything from entrees to condiments. Thankfully, those days are gone. Mainstream markets such as Target, Walmart, Costco and even the humble Dollar Tree are devoting more shelf space to vegan alternatives to pantry staples like cookies, dessert mixes, salad dressings and mayonnaise. One company, Hampton Creek, rolled out 43 new products in 2016 and have about 500 more in the works, including egg-less scrambled eggs and milk-less cheeses. Click on this Informative Article for more details.

Cost of Vegan Foods Going Down

One reason why Americans shun plant-based diets is that plant-based foods are often more expensive than the usual foods with dairy, eggs and meat. Add to this cost any transportation costs needed to be spent to find specialty health-food stores that carried vegan delights. In recent years, the cost of vegan foods is going down to the point where even the aforementioned Dollar Tree sells jars of vegan Just Mayo for just one dollar. Finding vegan foods in mainstream stores closer to home also cuts down on transportation costs which can greatly impact personal budgets.

More Vegan Restaurants Than Ever

Although many restaurants and fast-food chains have offered plant-based meals and treats for years, they are often made in the same areas where meat, eggs and dairy products are cooked. When vegans when out to eat, they had to worry about cross-contamination as well as servers being too ignorant to know that mayonnaise is made with eggs. Now vegans can relax as there are more vegan restaurants in North America than ever before. There are also handy phone apps and websites to help quickly locate vegan eateries.